Stockroom shelving for shoes, trainers and boots

Storage and racking for large shoe retailers and independent shoe shops.

Having a well organised product storage system in your stockroom, for your shoe retail or sportswear business, is essential for maintaining the great service your customers expect.

Our shelving and racking systems are ideal for storing shoes, trainers and boots of any variety, in their original shoe boxes, to help your staff keep track on the sizes and quantities available.

Retail shelving for shoe boxes

Shoe boxes can vary widely in size, so our slimeline store room shelving system is flexible to allow small height adjustments in the shelf positions, to maximise the use of your back room storage space.

To allow shoes or trainers to be picked from both sides of the shop storage shelving, we also offer double depth shelving - boxes can be stored 2-deep, back-to-back, for ultimate density of storage.

Our shoe retail racking is great for storing formal shoes, casual shoes, trainers, boots, sportswear and sporting shoes, wellington boots, motorcycles boots, cycling shoes, walking boots, safety boots and many more besides.

If you have a specific shoe or boot storage requirement, please contact us and we'll be able to create a bespoke store room design just for you.

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